Hi, I'm Alexx!

I grew up in San Diego and went to school in Malibu to study media production & math (I know, weird combo). Since then, I've lived in both Point Loma in SD and in West LA, so I'm always popping around all of SoCal!

I absolutely adore weddings for the love, celebration, joy, and romance, so I want to make sure those are your main feelings throughout the day! What that means is I will always remain a calm presence in the chaos to help keep you grounded, but also blend into the background to give you space to just experience your day! I want to assure you that I will capture all of the moments, big and especially small, so that you have the freedom to be fully present and not worry about missing out on anything!

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My philosophy

I think little, everyday moments are just as important as the big ones. Maybe even more important to photograph! Don't worry, that doesn't mean I'm not going to get a picture of your first kiss ;) I just mean that while you're watching your closest friend give a toast, you won't see your best man crying his eyes out. That's where I come in!

I want to give you the opportunity to relive all of your favorite moments from your wedding day, but also help you appreciate it through everyone else's eyes too! I'll be there for every stolen glance, quickly-wiped tear, and embarrassing dance move. After all the planning you put into it, I want you to experience your WHOLE wedding day - not just the unforgettable moments, but the forgotten ones too!

Get to know me!

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M Y   F A V E S

food: california burritos (bonus if I can eat it in one of my fave spots mentioned below!)

pet: dogs (I don't have one of my own so please bring yours!!)

animal: sloths & koalas

spots: in san diego: sunset cliffs, liberty station, and law street beach
            in malibu:  el matador and point dume

movie: (500) Days of Summer (I'd love to do a shoot inspired by this movie in DTLA one day!)

tv show: New Girl but I honestly like almost every show. I would say I am a TV aficionado of sorts :)

book: the Harry Potter series

hobby: watchin' sunsets- bonus points if anything listed above is involved

sports team: san diego padres! I love talkin' baseball.

F U N  F A C T S

- I'm an enneagram 1w9, and I could nerd out about the enneagram forever. I'd love to know what your type is or figure it out with you!!

- I used to only like going to the zoo so I could try to get good pictures of the animals with my point and shoot

- as a kid, my favorite activity was filming movies with my cousins with my flip camera

- I lived in Lausanne, Switzerland for almost a year but sadly only know ~un peu~ french :(

time to get to know you! head over to the contact page to get in touch :)

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