In-Home Lifestyle | Jess & Adam

I’m a firm believer that every little tradition is worth documenting! If you looked through the 30k photos on my phone you’d probably see some pretty mundane looking stuff, but I love going back and seeing things that remind me of how I felt at an exact point in life. That’s why I loved when Adam and Jess asked me to document some everyday moments in their first apartment together before they moved. Of course engagements and weddings deserve to be captured, but I think the lazy days should get some love too!!

That's why I love in-home sessions! I am so honored to freeze an "ordinary" day of your life for you, because one day you'll look back and wish you could relive those boring moments  in this exact stage of your life with your loved one, like the way he carefully seasons your coffee with cinnamon before handing it to you (Adam ;) )

The first home Adam & Jess made together was beautiful, but that includes their routines, their coffee creations, and bedside chess games, not just the apartment's interior design. I hoped to capture all of that in this shoot!

If you'd like to book a shoot with me or have any questions, fill out this form or email me! I'd love to chat with you!

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