cassie & tucker | Malibu Beach Engagement

I was so excited when Cassie reached out to me for her and Tucker's engagement photos. She didn't have a location in mind except that she wanted beach pictures so where else would I suggest but Malibu?! After living there for 3 years, I know every beach there like the back of my hand. I suggested Carbon Beach not only because it's much more quiet and intimate than the larger state beaches, but also because of the lower tide and beautiful backdrop of expensive beach houses! For their formal outfits, Cassie wanted a location a bit less casual as well, and since the pier is way too crowded on a Saturday evening in the summer, I got there early to scope out some spots. I could not believe it when I found a huge open driveway right next to the beach accessway that had a variety of backdrops for their formal pictures- the most vibrant red bougainvillea (my favorite flowers for photos!), a sleek wooden fence, and a jungle-y looking tropical corner. I love that it added some variety to an otherwise simple beachy photoshoot.

I had so much fun chatting with Cassie and Tucker about college (they met as engineering majors at NC State!) and our career goals. As you can see, Cassie was all laughs the whole time and I love watching a couple with the same sense of humor. I was sad when it was over but I feel like I have some new friends in LA now! :) Cassie is such a planner so I can't wait to see what all she puts together for their wedding in North Carolina next year 😍

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