Sunset Beach, Orange County Elopement | Julia & Cole

Julia and Cole had already had so much bad timing in their love story- Cole didn't realize he loved her as more than a friend until his family decided to move across the country! Cue a long period of long distance, and a year and a half engagement until they were set to wed in May of 2020... we all know how that month went! Once they had to cancel their plans, they decided there was no use in waiting. I was so honored that they turned to me in their last minute plan to get married even earlier, in April!!

With only their parents and siblings in attendance, they walked out to the water at Sunset Beach in Orange County, California and read some beautiful custom vows. It was so intimate that it convinced me that an elopement might just be the way to go... (for the ceremony at least. I can't resist a huge reception party!). Cole got to see Julia in her wedding dress for the first time, a sleeveless lacy gown that looked like it was made for her! I hope you look at these photos and can feel, like we did, the end of years of anticipation for these crazy kids to finally tie the knot :)

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